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I am not an emotional person overall, So today was a bit strange.

I don't express emotions very much, I am pretty much either polite and friendly, or impassive and serious, outside of work, I am pretty casual but again, I don't get very worked up about much - or if I do, I don't express it. I was sort of raised that emotional outbursts are meant to be saved until you are both home, and alone. It's not the healthiest thing but it works pretty well for me most of the time.

But this morning, I was driving to work, down a street that has a landscaped divider down the middle instead of a painted lane, with trees planted down the median. I drive through there almost every day when traffic allows. This morning, all the trees were cut to stumps and there's construction equipment everywhere, down the entire stretch of road. And I was just sort of driving down it and felt worse and worse until I had to pull over and just cried in my car.


Fifteen minutes later, I'm okay, if just a little pissed about the street. Four hours later, I'm still pretty upset and irritated about the street. I went about two google searches into figuring what city department to write and complain to before I stopped and recognized that this is crazy, and the trees aren't really important and the obvious answer to all this is that I'm losing my damn mind. It isn't my period, I don't have any new medications, I'm reasonably well-rested. Just going crazy, having some sort of quarter-life crisis, I guess.

That's all, no moral, no overarching point. Anyone have similar experiences?

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