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I am not bleach-savvy, messed up a dress, and now need dye advice

I mixed bleach for laundry and, like a moron, forgot I was wearing this dress I really like. For those of you who are more coordinated than I, this might not have been a disaster, but for me this involved several tiny bleach-splashes because I move with the grace of an overexcited puppy on a slip-n-slide. Anyway: oops. So now there are three small bleach spots — and unfortunately two of them are in really obvious places. The dress looks like this (super cute skater design with a scoop neck and a cutout back) —

It's a slightly greener version of that color, but I couldn't find the exact dress online and this is a pretty close approximation.


So I think my only option here is to dye it, and based on my misadventures with bleach it will likely not shock you to learn that I have never dyed anything before (unless you count a 5th grade tie dye project). I'm looking for recs on good sources for dye and tips on how to do it efficiently and neatly?

While I'm at it, I'm thinking of dyeing an old pair of cream sheets a slate-gray color. I don't care about exactly matching the shade of the dress — I just want to keep it somewhat in the cool-green color family, though I wouldn't mind if it came out more gem-tone-y. I look terrible in yellower greens, so that needs to be avoided.

Tips? Tricks of the trade? Moral support? Bleach-based commiseration? I'm here for it all!

HELP ME, GROUPTHINK-WAN KENOBI. You're my only hope. And I don't just go around saying that to any old forum. Don't believe the rumors.

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