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Welcome To The Bitchery
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"I Am Not Talking About (the what?)"

I heard this song again today after not hearing it for ages. Its by England Dan and John Ford Coley. For decades (its from 1976) there is one line that I never could make out what the last word was. The line is in the post header. . Not sure if its deliberate or not.

The song as I am sure you guessed by now since it is thai biggest hit is I’d Really Love To See You Tonight. A wistful love song about a couple who remain friends but are broken up and asks if she wants to spend time together on this beautiful night they don’t have to talk because talking leads to lies, saying I Love You is as meaningful as saying goodbye. This is a love song of not juat zero expectations but of more companionship then love. Along with realistic expectations he realizes they lie to each other and there is no love between them.

I do know what the word is since after all these decades I looked it up.


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