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Flynn resigned, which is awesome. But on twitter and facebook, people are chortling with glee and surmising how long it will take for the entire tRump empire to fall. Don’t be lulled! How many times during the election did we have this exact same feeling? How many times did we post on FB and twitter the “never gon’ be president now” gif from Hamilton? Many many many many times - and several times, we were 100% certain he was a goner.

He has a remarkable ability to distract us and to shift the narrative, to completely avoid blame and to keep going. We have to keep up the pressure.

We need a full independent investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. We need to know what DJT and Pence knew about Flynn, and when they knew it (Pence has had a lot of time to practice his shocked face/expression - people are assuming Flynn lied to him and that Pence is innocent, but we cannot just accept that as fact). We need to know why Sally Yates was fired. We need to know exactly how involved DJT was in Russia’s interference with the election (notice that the fact that parts of the dossier have turned out to be credible has completely flown under any radars, despite how damning that is - but because the golden showers part hasn’t been proven, no one is paying attention).


To be frank, this morning - I feel like we need an investigation into the whole GOP’s complicitness in this. They have more information that we do - they are more aware of the concerns and evidence - and yet they sit by and support DJT. They are putting politics above country, and that is abhorrent. I wouldn’t count on them growing a spine and taking DJT down at any point - this is all currently too good for them.

So, don’t be lulled, don’t take the pressure off, keep resisting, and please remind anyone who starts feeling too happy/comfy of what happened during the election. Winning is great, but we have to keep fighting if we want to win the big one.

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