Do not say that I am drunk....

I had some sort of Breckenridge thing that came with a free glass (conversation leaving bar β€” Friend: You just stole that glass! Me: No, it's brewery night. That's why I ordered it.) It wasn't so great. Dark and stout, but tasted sour to me. Then a Black Velvet (Guinness over Ace Pear) then an Angry Orchard and a few gulps of another person's Full Sail. Yes, I am a lightweight, also this was a short timeframe.

Man, I can't pack it away like I used to. On my 21st, I downed at least 7 pints and was out until 2. I think. This year: three beers, home by 11:41. I'm old. I'm the same age as my father was in my earliest memories (34. My first dateable memory was a lethal panther attack at Big Bend Natn'l Park on m dad's birthday in 84). And I'm not happy drunk. I'm brooding drunk. Brooding, like thinking the human race has maybe 1000 years left before extinction. Brooding like thinking that's not a bad thing.

Feh. I need to go to bed and read some Hobbit. I've got the Groupthinklings to not disappoint.