Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Am Now 23!

It's my birthday buddies of GT! 23!


So far, I have planned to:

  • Get my free Starbucks coffee.
  • Clean for the maids that are coming in tomorrow (I need to get my shit together but my hands are not meant to scrub!).
  • Getting that shellac nail thing all the cool kids are doing, because I get 15% off!
  • Going to a bar where MR. PERFECT has agreed to have a drink with me because my friends had to work IRL. Don't worry, they'll be there when I step out next week!
  • Hope against hope I get the one thing I want most: A phone call from Bro VV. Just five minutes. I miss him.

So that's about it. Oh and some rando who lives in my building (nice lady) said I look a bit like Saint Angelina Jolie. A little bit. I'll take it.

So, I will celebrate like a badass because I love Saint Anggie as much as I love Big Ang.


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