I have been adding random (and not so random) things to my Amazon Wishlist. This has been so much fun that I want to share some of the items that I have found with you. The people on Twitter already know some of these things but I wanted to share with everyone here.

The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones

What self-respecting fan of the book series The Song of Ice and Fire and HBO's Game of Thrones would not want this? I want to obsess over every detail and find evidence of my theory that the entire thing is about Jon and Dany finding each other and falling in love. DON'T ARGUE WITH ME! MY THEORY WILL WIN OUT!

Pan Flute Set of Three Sizes Hand Made Peru Fair Trade


I want to learn how to play the Panflute. Actually, I want to cosplay as Peter Pan. Don't judge me.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies


The squalor. The squalor prefers that a small automatic robot clean what the squalor leaves behind. And by squalor I mean me. Cause how am I suppose to remember? It will clean while I do something productive...like add stuff to my Amazon Wishlist.

Hello Kitty KISS Tote


I am a woman who likes bags. I have a upstanding member of the KISS nation (Contrary to what most people think. People of Color are KISS fans too.). I like Hello Kitty on a Dark background. THIS BAG PUTS ALL OF THAT TOGETHER. Plus I will be seeing Def Leppard and KISS in Tulsa in August and this is the perfect bag for the event.

JJ Watt Houston Texans Football Poster


Did you really think I was going to do a wishlist without mentioning my husband JJ Watt? I mean look at him. I want all that deliciousness on my wall.

Xbox One Console - Titanfall Bundle


If you have a XBOX One and Titanfall...I hate you. Once this list goes on Facebook and my family gets the hint hint that I would really like this then I will be able to join your cult of awesomeness. Until then I shall stare at your Cult of Awesome XBOX One playing through the window outside your meetup building. I will stare hard with envy.

AAA 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance Kit


Actually, this is not ridiculous. This is actually reasonable. Who doesn't need a 70 piece kit that with assist them with roadside exploring? And look, it comes with a flashlight. That will go well with my Flashlight Taser my brother won't let me test on him.....

The Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank


This tank is the ultimate wishlist item. With a PA system, plush interior, and external camera, I can cruise with a party of five at 40 mph in style. It is also a great gas saver. Don't believe me, check out the most helpful review by Thomas:

I'll admit it. Shopping for a personal tank can be a bit daunting. Many times in the past I've purchased overpriced, so-called "battle tanks", then driven them into battle only to be wrecked in ten minutes by the first blow off of some insurgents home-made morter.

But not this baby, no way.

This tank R-O-C-K-S! Literally- the 400-watt sound-system keeps me rockin like a crazy man as I'm dishing out justice commando style. Wow. I just can't say enough. And the kids love it, too- imagine the look of terror in the eyes of the enemy as I'm dropping off my kid's team to their soccer game. Shock and awe, my friends, SHOCK AND AWE!

I had NAO install the optional GPS-guided white phosphorus missile system, and talk about *SWEET*! Burn baby burn!!!

Oh, it also has plenty of room for groceries, and if you need to like move a loveseat or something it'll fit if you use a little bungee cord.

The only real negative with this tank is that it shows up on radar a little more than I like (although there is a polyresin graphite stealth model available). Also, the included spare isn't full size.

Overall, a great tank.


See? This is a great tank. One that will having me looking like the true American I am. Once I get my fighter plane to go along with the tank and my taser flashlight, I will have the trifecta of badassery going on.

All in All this wishlist thing is great. For now on instead of annoying my family with the answer of nothing when the ask what do I want for Christmas/My birthday/any other day that requires gift giving, I can direct them to my wishlist and they can pick and choose what they want. Most of the things on the list are stuff that I would like to have but can't afford at the moment(one day I will be able to....) There are several things on my wishlist that I actually want (some were included above) and many things I haven't added.


With all of that I can say that roaming Amazon and adding things to my Wishlist will be my next past time. Also THANKS CHEER!

What is the most ridiculous thing on your wishlist? Is it the tank? Of course it is the tank. We can cruise the world together in our tanks.