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I am obsessed with not paying attention in my texas government class

Seriously. I feel like I SHOULD give a fuck on some level, but I really, really don't.

I have gotten B's on both tests while barely listening to the lecture and just reviewing the PowerPoints the professor posts on ecampus, and also by referencing my own previous knowledge of political culture in this state.


I can bring both of those test grades both up to A's with 10-point extra credit assignments he offers: I just have to watch a film that references government in some way (V for Vendetta and Selma were mentioned as options) and type a one page response/reflection paper.

I have to write a memo to Governor Abbott for a grade next week, and it's taking a lot of restraint for me to not turn in the following message on glittery pink, perfume-scented stationary:

From the Desk of Natface:

Dear Governor Abbott,

Eat a dick, blowhole.



(Lisa Frank unicorn stamp sealing the letter.)

In reality, I am going to write about how abstinence only sex education is a financial disaster for this state.


Also, it's worth mentioning that my professor is basically a walking talking Hank Hill who spends the first fifteen minutes of each 50 minute lecture talking about sports, and has said that he believes Obama is a far-left radical. Hey, guy, I don't give a shit about your opinion and I've taken plenty of other religion, philosophy, history, and government courses where the instructor kept his or her viewpoint the fuck out of the discussion.

I am now going to star some GT comments and rifle through some emails and pretend to be taking notes on my laptop here.

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