I stayed at home today because my son had a fever. His immune system is weird. My daughter and I got the sniffles and congestion and now some residual coughing. My son was fine for a lot longer and then went straight to high fever with his cold.

I was planning on working on my physician credentialing from home, but I really don't like the doctor and I ended up taking a nap in the living room and then messing around here all day.

I have to go pick up my daughter in a little while. Then I'll prepare for supper. I have a chiropractor appointment just after 4, so I'll go to that and then come back to cook.

I know I'm just going to get harassed by this asshat when I go back to work and I haven't done anything in like a month. I just have a hard time caring.

This is my reaction every time he emails, calls or texts me.


ETS Stupid Presidents Day. CMS is closed anyway.