Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I bought a lamp from Harriet Carter (yes, the catalog you don’t want but they send you anyway full of odds and ends that make you think “who buys this?! Oh, I kinda want that”).

It was over ten years ago, but the pull chain recently broke. No surprise they no longer carry the item on their website. I am trying to replace it exactly bc I love it and would hate to have to replace it with something different. It is a half-lamp shade with a decorative “base” that goes down to the floor; it attaches to the wall with a little anchor. I have it behind my headboard for reading. Amazon and Google both failed me in a search. The only descriptive label says “portable luminaire BK 24-890" and I didn’t keep the purchase info (no clue if that is a serial number or even anything). I even googled how to fix a broken pull chain (apparently not worth it and beyond my skill/patience set anyway).


So, does anyone have a better google-fu than me? Even something super-similar would be great.

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