So I work at a library, and I was doing the cleanup walk through (ok, wandering aimlessly and slacking off cuz everything had already been squared away) and I saw this

little stuffed animal, all curled up in a fetal position by the info desk. Naturally, I called the info staff's attention to it. "Aww," I said. "Look, it's lost, and it's all scared and alone."
The info people were like, "Aww, you should take it to lost and found so its mommy can find it." "Ok," sez I. So I pick it up, and discover that it's wet. Ew. So I take it to the lost and found, attaching the note of finding to its back like a little cape. Then I tape its two front paws together, then its two back paws together, and then, after some judicious consideration, I cover its mouth with tape as well. After this, I lay it on its side in the lost and found cupboard, and cackle as I shut the door.
Ten minutes later, there's a little girl up at Info, asking for her grey kitty. One of the librarians comes back to Circ, opens the lost and found cupboard, and bursts out into incredulous laughter. Then she spends ten minutes wrestling with the tape, with me asking, "Why don't you just give it to her as is?" with her replying, "because that's horrible!" Finally, she gets the tape off and the little girl goes home with her kitty, blissfully unaware of the trials it had been through. I am perhaps a monster.

ETA: I totally shoulda taken a picture of it lying on today's newspaper but I don't have a camera phone and I didn't think of it until the little girl had left. Bah. Next time, little girl. Next time.