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I am petty. (Family is family??)

So, my father is unfortunately not an adoptive father but my genetically bound one. I have no idea.

My father is a Republican now, even though he voted for every democratic president up til Bush jr.

My father decided to rant on facebook on how students are crippling the national debt with their outrageous loans and they should find other ways to pay for school.


Cue facebook message.

Hi Dad, my scholarship for school was defunded (true statement :\) and I’m short on tuition in the amount of $500. I was seeing that you said not to take out loans to cover school, so could you please help me with this?

I see he read the message, so I wait to see what his answer is. Couple of hours pass and he’s still posting away...

I sent him a screenprint of Mitt Romney’s speech about asking your family for money and unfriended him.


I am petty. The election is making me worse.

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