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I am posting from my brand new tablet!

So I'm sure some of you remember my post the other night about my laptop being fucked. It's still under warranty so I can send it in for repairs, but I literally have at least one small paper due every week and whil I could have gotten a usb keyboard, I didn't want to let the warranty run out by waiting til the end of the semester to get it done. I had to borrow money to get the tablet, which really sucks since I already owe people a ton, but I seem to be getting more hours so hopefully it shouldn't take too long since it was pretty inexpensive. I got the Samsung Galaxy Tab and a bluetooth keyboard so I can type shit, and I'm pretty happy with it. The keyboard works really well and the tablet is really nice. Now I don't have to stress about how I'm gonna get my homework done each week, so yay!


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