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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am probably going to get fired now.

I started a new job less than two months ago as a project manager. I am working under a senior manager, and on a daily basis I get a good talking to on what I'm doing wrong. It's been really getting me down, and my husband encouraged me to ask for positive feedback. So, after another round of what I'm doing wrong, I said I get a lot of negative feedback, and I would really appreciate it if I could also get some positive feedback. I think I struck a nerve (this person apparently got a negative review in an exit interview from a former employee), because the person got very defensive with me. I was speechless, in that, "Oh shit! Why did I just say that?!" kind of way. I finally calmly said that as a new person, it's nice to hear what I do that does make you happy.

This comes on the heels of asking if we could push a meeting back a day because we both had about 7 hours of back to back meetings. This person took this as me not up for the challenge and being lectured that this job requires 50-60 hours a week. Yeah, I get what I signed up for. I wasn't planning to not be at work, I was just simply asking if we can push it to Monday. You did ask me in my interview if I'm good at time management, didn't you? So, I saw an opening that would give us both the ability to be in meetings for most of the day Friday while allowing a couple of hours to do work.


I am a newly married military wife, so my options are limited in the whole career area since we move so much. I have a fancy professional masters that I worked very hard for and 4 years of post grad experience that isn't relevant to moving a lot. I took this job because it could give me a career while allowing me to work remotely. Sigh. Thanks a lot, husband! I told you this person wasn't the type to be rational about a new employee asking for positive feedback. Maybe it's time to become a Zumba instructor or something.

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