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I ran. I endured. I survived. I finished!

I am proud to announce that I, boobiechick, ran 10 miles today without sustaining injuries and barely any crying!

Here's a puppy kissing a fish so as not to plaster my own face all over the GT page.


I did it!!! It did not go very well. You know how they say
"The adrenaline will get you through!" or "All those people running with you, you'll be do so much better than you can on your own!" or "There'll be so many people cheering from the sidelines, it'll be like you're running on air!" or "You'll be fine boobiechick! :)"


Things started going horribly wrong by the time I'd reached the second km and I still had 14 to go. My knees hurt, the crowd made me run faster than I could sustain and I my side was in stitches. Not to mention the stabbing pain in my shoulder/collarbone area.

But even though things were going horrible. Even though people were asking me "are you okay?" by the 3rd km, I kept going. Like a little fucking trooper I kept going, pushing, walking and running and surviving. And I made it! My time was 2 hrs and 14 minutes. A terrible time by many accounts but it is my time and I'm DAMN PROUD of it!


I am proud. Not because it went well. Not because it was easy. Not because my time is something to be proud of. But because despite every fiber of my being telling me to quit. I didn't. And I finished.

Plus I made so many bff's (who I'll never meet again) who were so happy to have a slow buddy on the track with them. So slow and steady doesn't win the race, but it wins friends.


I even got a medal, looky look!


Several hours later I got home and got to work on some sketches for a client (payed sketches though) he needed that day. Which means that I did not accomplish 1 thing today. But in fact did 2!


I'm like a super person. It's like. Before, I was just a person. Now I'm a SUPER person. Even if I'm the slowest super person in history.

(gifs best seen in succession. do not relate to last paragraph)

(Minor tears because Boyfriend didn't come and cheer me on even though the run was just a few hundred feet from our house. He said he hadn't realized it was so close and he hadn't wanted to sit there alone and wait for hours until I'd passed because he wasn't sure when I'd pass through there. He made it up though. And I couldn't feel angry anymore when I was sitting in a hot bath he drew, eating the clementine and drinking the sports drink he'd gotten for me while he was cooking me a good dinner and would give me a massage by the end of the evening. )


PS: Didn't have to end up screaming your name madpiglet. Next time though... next time..

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