Help me, Salad Bowl & GT, to calm the fuck down and to come up with non-murderous replies to some really atrocious shit. TW: Extreme racism and eugenics.

So of course this is coming from Facebook. A girl I went to college with, who I respected, has been posting some pretty strong anti-immigrant stuff lately in the wake of the huge influx of Central American immigrants within the past 9 months. That shit bothers me, but I know this is a huge, complex issue and that she leans very strongly conservative, so I've just been scrolling past most of that noise.

Then I see her link to this Breitbart article talking about how undocumented immigrants have been boarding domestic flights out of Texas. She adds the following statement to the post:


(Sorry for it being a screen grab, Facebook mobile wouldn't let me C/P for some reason).


Now, aside from the TOTALLY ridiculous assumptions that undocumented immigrants are nothing but carriers for numerous diseases (they're not, any moreso than any other population, including "tax paying Americans"), there's the bogus bullshit about jihadists. Because, you know, all brown people look the same, amirite?

But THAT'S not what made me start crying, with tears literally streaming down my face. This is. It's a comment left by one of her friends (so it's someone she knows in real life, so it's more real, unlike someone trolling on yahoo or something):

I hope they start gassing and burning all the illegals that come over. We need to build large compounds where we can dispose of all of them before their disease spreads to hard working Americans!

We didn't have this problem when Bush was president!!!

Her response to that? Was to jokingly say back "OMG (X)! That's a little too Hitler for me..." And then to blithely go on to say that while she, personally, doesn't wish these immigrants dead, she's scared about having to fly from Texas to a border city (San Diego) soon. As she put it "border state to border city," with all those diseases that might harm her pregnant self.


First of all, she lives HUNDREDS of miles from the border here in Texas. In one of the few regions of the state where there aren't that many Hispanics to begin with. Secondly, San Diego isn't some podunk, near-third-world little border pueblo. It's a fucking metro!

Y'all. Please. I am not calm at ALL right now. Please, I know there have been posts that refute all this cockamamie shit. Can you please help me out in the comments?


And for those of y'all reading this who may not know me very well on here, I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again: I'm a Hispanic Texan. Soy Tejana. Soy Latina. Soy Americana! My parents were migrant (notice I said migrant, not IMmigrant) farm workers back in the day. We've been citizens going back more generations than many families can claim, but the shit that's being leveled at this new wave of immigrants? My family has encountered it first hand, too.

Thanks in advance for your help.

ETA: For any wondering why even respond at all, why not just summarily unfriend immediately, it's because, like I said, I respected this woman. We were friends. I want to say something that isn't purely emotional "what the fuck is wrong with you, asshole?!?!?!?!" Maybe a conversation can still be had with her. I have to believe that. I have to believe in the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr's philosophy of bringing about change through peace and conversation. I have to believe that. I have to believe in the patience and wisdom of my own father, himself a minister, who has never once met a situation with anger or violence.


(Image of the Border Wall via National Geographic)