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I am sad and annoyed and need to vent

BoyPerson's university term finishes on Friday. He then returns home for the Christmas vac on Saturday and won't be back for another 5+ weeks. I've booked Friday afternoon off work so I can spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves on Saturday afternoon.

College rules state that he can't have overnight guests (we'll ignore the fact that I'd stay in his room and the guest room would only be booked because that's what he's supposed to do). This is the last Friday of term so obviously a lot of people will have parents coming to pick them - and their stuff - up. This means that the limited guest rooms they have at the college get snapped up quickly. This means that when he went to book a room for me today, all of the rooms have already been taken.

I'm upset because I wanted to see as much of him as I can before he goes home - and now I'm probably going to have to go back to my house on Friday night when I could've been with him for another few hours. And I'm annoyed because surely he knew that the rooms would get booked up quickly, and this was something we'd discussed a week ago, so he could have had a room booked this time last week but I didn't want to nag him so I didn't remind him and now there's no room for me. And I'm frustrated because I wouldn't even be sleeping in that room anyway, so why can't I just stay in his room and have him for just a few more hours??


There aren't any cheap hotels in the area (any Holiday Inn-type places are a drive away and I don't really want to be taking a car) so that's not an option. I could go back to him on Saturday morning and have the morning and early afternoon with him but that wasn't really the point of the whole thing.

I'm just really pissed off about this whole situation because it so easily could have been avoided. Thanks for listening.

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