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I am scared (tw: anxiety/health)

The doctors just keep telling me to take the meds and it'll be fine. But it's not fine. Not at all.

A month ago I had what they think was a small stroke. I'm in my early 40s. I had no history of anything. Now I don't feel like myself at all.


I am consistently light-headed. I lose my balance more than I did. My face feels different. My blood pressure is up and down. I can't even get to talk to my regular doctor. The nurse blocks all her calls and refuses to have my doctor call me back. She never passes along all my questions.

I just want someone to sit down with me and answer all my questions without feeling that 7-minute clock until they have to see another patient. Tell me what they think caused it. Am I feeling so wacko b/c of the meds or because of the stroke?


Mostly I'm just very scared. I'm alone and in a new city. I can't remember the last time I left the house for anything but work, mostly because I've been sick. I feel odd all the time.

I don't really know what to do. It's a small city, so there aren't a lot of doctors and it's not easy to switch - you often have to wait months to get in to see a new doctor. I just wanted to share, to say it out loud sometimes.

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