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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am seeing lots of other people post about OKC experiences so.....

Here is mine

My partner and I both happen to have OKC accounts. We made them half seriously just to see who we might find...long story. Anyways, she is in Florida for a couple of weeks and I am at home all alone in Pennsylvania, and we started sending each other OKC messages just to be sort of silly and pass the time.


For your enjoyment:

Me: So.........Wanna hook up? *winks* *smiles* *arches back and shows off bewbies*


Her: Um. not sure what are your interests?

Me: I like to suck toes and then share sloppy kisses.*

Her: Oh how sweet! My toes are nice and sweaty from working in the yard and walking around on public sand all day. Pucker up, buttercup!


Me: Oh wow...thats hot! Do they have toe jam on them too? There is nothing like snowballing toe jam, I cannot wait to kiss you!

Her: bahahaha. No toe jam atm.

Her: I do have a snarly toe nail if you wanna gnaw it off for me.

Now the best part was that we had a Paltalk chatbox open and we were chatting there too. We were telling one another about the dirty girl that we each were exchanging emails with over on OKC.


Yes, this is how pathetically silly we are. It kept going after that but then it got into more serious sexytimes talk that I think I should not post.

*I hope this does not offend those with a foot fetish, its just something that her and I joke about occasionally because it is about the only thing we are not into.

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