Typing on mobile, plz forgive.

Upper respiratory infection. BF drove me to clinic 90 minutes away and then took me to get tater tots after. I love tater tots.

CO is beautiful but I feel like literal crap spread on burnt toast and also feel awful that we can’t do outdoorsy/walking-intensive things on account of my breathing issues.


BF is being very patient about all of this but I am working hard at not slipping into irrational self loathing. With varying degrees of success.

Also, my doctor lied through his teeth about Trazodone for sleep being an easy drug to quit. I think some of the emotional issues I’m having are from SSRI withdrawal and today I buckled and scheduled an appt to get it refilled. Clearly I am having some self esteem/worth issues around not feeling good enough for a healthy relationship and pulling away the extra buffer that the medication gives me Is. Not. Helping.

I hope you guys are having a pleasant holiday. Please drink many fruity drinks for me.

Also, cat GIFs would be much appreciated