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I am so ... depressed? or just lethargic and sad?

Is there a difference? I came home this evening and camped out on my couch in my bathrobe for about an hour. I was starving but couldn't be bothered to to make anything to eat. I finally rallied enough to make something tasty that I shouldn't eat and pour some wine.

BUT I am having some serious work anxiety. I really like my job but feel like I am just flailing while my equally newly hired co-worker, whom I didn't think much of at the beginning, is all of a sudden doing an awesome job and everyone loves her and thinks of me as a loser. The reality is we are probably on par... but I still feel like I am going to lose another job :(

Probably doesn't help that I stayed up late last night working on something for work that turns out I didn't need to and ended up looking unprepared because I did't work on what I should have :(


Plus a huge change in weather in my town. I know that barometric pressure really does affect me... but still...

And I was all on a high yesterday to because I FINALLY made purposeful eye contact and said a friendly "Hi" to ManCandy in the hallway. Plus I purposefully walked in to the hallway thinking he might be there AND I got a nice smile and Hi in return :) Today, didn't really even see him....


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