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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am so embarrassed

So I'm finally going back to school, to hopefully do something that'll make me not hate life and make a little more money. I'm taking prerequisites for a Radiologic Technology program at my local community college. This summer I'm taking an intro class. I was all set to start tomorrow and I logged on to check what time I had to be there. What did I find? My class is Monday/Wednesday!!! I swear that when I signed up for it, it was Tue/Thu, and I've requested those days off work for the rest of the summer. I emailed the professor apologizing and asking if I can meet her to see what I've missed, and I fixed my work schedule for Wednesday, but it still sucks! I'm serious about this program, and the first thing I do is miss the first day of the intro class. I'm worried I missed really important stuff, because I still have to get into the program in January, and I need all the info about that that I can get. Ugh! I do not miss school if I can stand it, and now that I'm a grownup I do my best in my classes and make A's pretty much always. It's just, the first day of school is the day that things are set up, you get all the info and now I don't have that. Grrr. I hate this.


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