TW: Weight, body image. If you're sensitive about weight, don't read this!

So I stopped drinking as much in an effort to save money/ lose weight. But mostly to lose weight. Did I lose weight? Nope. I gained weight! I mean, what in the ever living fuck? I don't eat that much, I'd be surprised if without the drinking I made it to 2000 calories a day because I'm just never very hungry. I'm relatively active, I'm always walking around campus/working/cleaning/exercise when I can fit it in.

Last year when I got married I weighed 112 pounds (I'm 5'3). Then the weight started to creep on last winter. While I was still drinking every night (which I did when I was 112), I was 135. I got on the scale yesterday after 3 weeks of drinking sparingly and clocked in at 142. I'm technically still within the normal range, but I am so unhappy and I'm afraid that it just won't stop crawling up.

I don't necessarily want to be 112 pounds again, but I'd really like to be in the 120s again. I don't understand. I eat relatively healthy, I eat out MAYBE once a week if that, I don't drink soda. My main big calorie splurge was alcohol, and I drink once or twice a week now. And somehow that caused a 7-pound weight gain.