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I was having some serious problems with depression. My apartment got out of hand. Possibly not coincidentally, my landlady decided that she wanted to remodel the apartment and gave me three months notice to move out. Very generous, very kind.

However I did not get my shit together. I finally got on medication a couple of months ago, and it started to kick in after a few weeks. That's around the time I should have started packing up and looking for a new place. What actually happened was that I had a new boyfriend and was dedicated to spending my free time with him and alternately with my son.

So here I am, four days before I'm supposed to be gone, and I have nothing lined up. I need to stay in the county so that my son can stay at his school which fits with his special needs. Unfortunately everywhere that I've called wants great credit and for my income to be triple the rent. WTF? I've been easily paying this much rent for nearly ten years. It's more than a third of what I earn, but I have simple needs and no credit cards (and thus no credit).


I'm pretty sure that I'll be packed in time, and I have some savings, but I was really hoping to put that into a new couch and stuff. I did not want it to be for renting a storage space and living in a hotel.

Past me has really fucked future me, and present me isn't sure what to do.

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