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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Am So Lame

I gotta say, this news that Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS makes my heart sad. I can't look at the pictures, and I try to stop reading the headlines midway, because I don't want to acknowledge it. I am such a lame-o.

I'm sad that TV will be losing Ziva. She's another woman who takes care of her own shit, and grapples with the vulnerability of her emotions. She's adopted a family because her biological one was f'd up. She's fun to watch and now she'll soon be gone. Now I'll have to find another show. I'm in for Orphan Black so far. I always hope for more shows with women written as men, like Battlestar Galactica did so well.


At this point, they'd better not kill Ziva. They really like killing their characters. I want her to ride off into the sunset with Paul Telfer's Cpl. Damon Werth. I thought they had fun chemistry, and clearly the writers don't want to write a romantic relationship for ANYbody, so send them on their way.

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