I need to take a minute and just share how proud I am of all of my family, you guys. I just found out that my youngest sister got a full ride scholarship to school, so she's definitely going to college next year.

I am so proud of her, and so proud of my whole family. There are seven of us girls all together, and we grew up dirt poor in a pretty shitty environment with a dad who was belittling and both physically and emotionally abusive and hyper religious, and we were taught that girls were definitely lesser and their place was submissive and in the home.

Her acceptance and scholarship means she will be the 6th one of us in a row to put themselves through college all on their own - to work really hard, apply without a lot of support, and figure out financially how to get through. Our average age of graduating undergrad is something like 25, but it is amazing what we have managed to cobble together and what we've been able to do. I got her message she got the scholarship and I just started sobbing over here at how proud I am off her and of all of us.