And I SWEAT. I don’t “glisten” or “glow” or whatever else some women prefer to say. Perimenopause is a bitch and I’m actually concerned that I am getting dehydrated from all the sweating. I can be watching tv and the ac is on a nice cool temp but sweat is running down the side of my face and the back of my neck up to about 2 inches into my hair will be soaked and dripping. This also happens when I am getting ready for work, driving to work, sitting at my desk, driving home from work, getting ready for bed and sleeping. I took a nap today because of fucking cramps and I woke up after an hour and I was DRENCHED. But it is always from my chest up and the back of my neck up. My feet can be freezing but the rest of me if covered in sweat.

I have taken to sleeping on my brand new Turkish towel so I don’t soak my sheets and pillow. I had stopped using shampoo everyday but just rinsing, finger scrubbing my head and conditioner is doing it anymore. Through out the day I would catch a wif of something almost sour and I think it was my hair. So it’s back to shampoo. And I have to shower everyday. I used to only shower once on the weekend but not now. I am too damn gross.

I have to carry a hand towel in my car to wipe my neck and the sides of my head as I go anywhere.


And this sweat doesn’t smell like regular sweat. Nothing ever turns to BO but it just smells sour or kinda dog like.


Wet and stinky