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I am so so sorry for this TMI but BY GOD I NEED THIS TO END

Let's talk yeast infections.

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEE HE HEEEEEEEL. I thought I had an inkling of my very first yeast infection a few days ago. (Sorry again for what I'm about to type) no itching, no burning, just a lot of yeast, some during sexy times. I checked out the area, did some googling and decided to take Monistat 1. That was yesterday, a now there's a little itching and everything is not better.

What can I do? How do I win? I will journey to the center of the earth . . . to get this shit out of my lady bits.


Globs of yeast are standing between me and sexy times and it's the freakin weekend. First Labor Day: A Period Piece, now The Yeasting - long awaited sequel to The Shining.

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