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I Am So Tired

Today I finally cried. I made it though the election, through the holidays at home, through the March. Today the weight of coming from a family that sees the world so vastly differently than I just crashed me.

I love them; they love me, but there is nothing of substance on which we agree. While not said to me directly, all their posts and “likes” about the March are about whiny bitches who need to shut up and recognize how good they have it. Yeah, it hurts.

I KNOW I personally have it pretty good. It doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize those who don’t. My personal good fortune doesn’t make me lose my empathy and my desire to make things better for EVERYONE. But I am a whiny bitch who is out of touch with “real” America, and it is rubbed in my face constantly.


I’m tired. Tired of being the “liberal elitist”; tired of being “the one who changed”; tired of being sneered at for having “book smarts” (instead of the implied common sense); tired of being literally preached at about how God willed Trump’s win. Just fucking tired.

Rejection is a bitch.

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