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I Am So Tired of Hearing About Your 'Big Butt'

First of all, I hate listening to negative body talk as a form of female bonding. Because its terrible for all of us. Talking about your body's imperfections/failings is so damaging to you and the other women around you. I really hate how acceptable it is for people to criticize their bodies, while saying positive things makes you sound full of yourself or vain.

So, I am really curvy. I am at a perfectly normal weight and can even be considered on the slim side. However, I am shaped like a fucking cartoon character. Currently I have a 19 inch difference between my waist and low hip measurement. 19. inches. People as me if I am wearing a corset on the regular. I also have a so called 'bubble' butt and people make racist comments like 'do black guys hit on you a lot?' Ugh, just no.


Maybe it's petty but I really really really really hate it when girls I am friends with bemoan their 'big butts' in front of me. First off, butts are awesome. Secondly, uh, have you seen my butt? It is way bigger than yours. So if yours is 'really big', then what's mine? Freakish? The worst offender is one of my friends who I have about 3" and 25lbs on. She constantly shit talks her thighs and butt AND SHE DOES MODELING GIGS REGULARLY. I love her but god it is irritating.

This is what annoys me so much about negative body talk: when people engage in it they are completely unaware of who is around them. It's weirdly self centered and can be really insulting to the other people in the group. Like when thin/average women say 'ugh I feel so fat today' to their larger friends. Not cool.

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