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I Am Soooo Outie

Since I've decided to quit my job and spend a month in France work has gotten much easier to bare. For one thing I don't have this oppressive stuck feeling because I know I'm getting out. The people who are trying to fuck me over are stuck trying to rule their little bitter sphere- meanwhile I'm trying to rule the world. For another I have a goal to work towards. I can counter the desire to blow up and walk out with the desire to save money for my trip. But there are still things that make me grit my teeth.

One of them is that the sexist-ass coworker who tried to boss me out of my break, cussed me out when I refused, lied to my boss about me and got me in trouble, and refused me when I told him never to speak to me like that again is now actually somewhat in power over me. Not officially, but I've heard him talking with the boss trying to get people he likes promoted at the expense of others. Of him and the boss taking about how often they hang out together. Of how much power he can get without compromising his right to tips. It's infuriating because he's a major sleezeball who prefers to leave me doing all the work while he and our coworker gab away in a language I can't understand.


Another coworker who has cozied up to the boss disappeared for an hour and a half today! Just went missing during his shift, and when he came back and I asked him where he went he said he was talking with the boss. Meanwhile I'm getting picked on for every little thing- I was reprimanded for taking a full half hour break while someone else gets to walk away for an hour and a half only an hour into his shift?!?! Get the fuck out of here!

It's ridiculous how unfairly I'm being treated. I'm so glad I'm planning a jailbreak!!!

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