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Absolutely furious right now. Also really worried. Ugh. This morning we went out to drive to work and found that our car had been vandalized! Somebody wrote on it with red spray paint. They wrote “fix” on our hood, “your” on the one next to it, and as far as we can tell, none of the other cars in the parking lot were hit.

I’m so angry but it also scares me. This is just a surface parking lot that surrounds our apartment complex. You’re supposed to have a pass (which we do, obviously) but realistically, it’s open and anybody could drive in and mess with things. And there’s nothing we can do about that. We can’t move right now, and there’s no garage option for us.

I have never worried about crime in our neighborhood before, mainly because we live within walking distance of the police station, and besides that, it’s always seemed like such a nice neighborhood. We have all kinds of people living here but everyone always seems friendly.


The high school is right near us, so there will always be random teens crossing through the apartment complex because of that. I’ve had a package stolen before, and I assumed it was errant teens, but that was a while ago and only the one time.

But now this? It has me worried. It’s just paint, we can clean it off, but it makes me feel unsafe. And I’m afraid that whoever did it - I assume teens but could also be a neighbor? The message has me stumped. But I’m afraid whoever did it might do something else. And we’d be fucked. We only have the one car, we need it to get to work. Now thanks to my anxiety I’m going to be worrying about this constantly.

I filed a police report, and I’m going to call the apartment management when they open to let them know what happened, too. I just feel threatened now :(

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