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I am still alive...

I haven’t been commenting much, but I’m still around! I’m starting to plan my move overseas and trying to get/keep the rest of my life in order. Uzbekistan is sounding more and more like a hidden gem with a decent hardship pay (without a ton of the hardship). I talked to my new boss today and he’s more than willing to buy a car on my behalf if one comes up for auction there. He also fried his large tv when he got there and he jokingly said maybe he could ship one to me and have me put it in my shipment overseas. I told him that was actually a possibility as I have plenty of allowance left and need some extra weight in my shipment from the apartment. What better way to get instant good karma than doing something for your new boss!

There is lots to do to get overseas, new special passports, visas, clothes, consumables allowance to purchase, figuring out what gets shipped from our house (that’s already been packed out and is in govt storage), what the hell we’re gonna do for a car, trying to sell my house, planning the wedding ceremony and much, much more.


In other somewhat sad news, I don’t think my lovely Jax will be able to come with us. It’s difficult to take dogs to Tashkent because of flights and rules, but it’s doable. However, we’d have to fly from DC to Germany and then fly to Tashkent. The biggest issue is this: Jax HATES crates. I tried and tried and tried some more to get him to like and tolerate his crate. It didn’t happen. He gets minor separate anxiety in those situations as well. I would love to take him, but I think it might be best for him to stay here with a friend who is willing to take him as long as they don’t end up being allergic. If that doesn’t work out, then I’ll consider taking him and paying to have our trainer work with him on crating. In the short term, he’s having a blast at doggie daycare, he has been working with the trainer there and they absolutely love him. The trainer came to me after the second day and said “Your dog is odd..... You told me that and I thought, nah, most people say that. But you’re right.”

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In other sad news, I got a call from my dad this morning and my RV basically burnt to the ground. It was at an RV shop that caught on fire a day ago overnight and it was parked right beside. I’m not using it, but I had worked out a deal with my dad that he was basically taking ownership of it without taking on the loan and was paying me for the loan. He had put a bit of money into it this past year to get it the work it needed and was going to use it a bunch this year to travel with his wife. I’m more upset that my dad is upset. Listening to your dad choke back tears on the phone is NOT OK guys. So. My plan is to get insurance money from the shop owner and see if my dad wants me to finance another RV that he can use. I already told BellaFella that I would do that if my dad wanted. In a heartbeat.

So yeah, it’s been a roller coaster and I could go on for days about all the stuff going on... but I won’t. I hope you fine people are doing great!

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