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I am still processing this...

Gawker has an amazing — yes, I was literally amazed — interview with Sean Young (Blade Runner, Dune, Stripes).

And. It. Is. Somethin’.

But the real gem is her sorta endorsement of everyone’s new favorite presidential candidate: Andrew D. Basiago.


You guize!

I want this man to never stop running for president.

And not just because he suggests that America needs to do right by First Nations, address police brutality and establish equal rights, among other very sensible positions. No, I want him to never stop running b/c his platform also includes such hot-button issues as “Extraterrestrial Disclosure”, “Mars Transparency” and “Sasquatch Protection”.

I don’t know what his deal is, but I love it.

Forget Donald Trump, this guy should be covered every second of our 24-hour new cycle.


#BanAspartame / #ProjectPegasus / #QuantumTransparency / #AnEggADay / #Transhumanism / #HumanRightsforClones / #forreal / #notmakinganyofthisup

Also, really, read the Sean Young article. My mind was like a ping-pong between, “That makes total sense” and “huh?!”


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