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I am stuck here forever!

I just got rejected from another job I interviewed for. This one would have paid a lot more and actually been something interesting and would have provided opportunities in the future.

I'm mostly annoyed because it seemed really promising given that I must have spoken to everyone at the company during the interview process. I met with 3 people in one day and then had two phone interviews with two separate people) in the same day and then another phone interview the following morning (yesterday). Then I got a rejection email just now. Bright side is, I guess I didn't have to spend all day in their office or keep going there for interviews.

UGH. This is so frustrating. I hate my job and it basically offers no opportunity for growth—except for the growing rage I feel every day that I have to fucking come here. This is why I try not to get my hopes up or get excited about things.


WOMP WOMP Sorry for the downer, but you're the bunch I'm able to express my rage to right now!

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