Tried to explain to the Bastard about what is going on with Leslie Jones, and of course he starts with “don’t bring being a woman into it; if women hacked men, they’d be putting up naked pictures too” and I was just ..... ARGH. You CAN’T take the gender dynamics out this! That’s one of the big reasons she’s a target! He’s a good man, but somedays he just doesn’t get it and really thinks I’m just “taking things too seriously”. I’m still trying to get him to realize that the world he lives in - as a straight white man - is a VERY different world than the one I live in.

Then I posted on Facebook about the EpiPen thing - I have a nephew who is EXTREMELY allergic and this issue hits very close to home to me. The idea taht some company and some stupid-ass corporate executive making bank on the very real health challenges faced by families in this country — and a friend (a white male friend) is on Facebook making this all about Hillary and fundraising.

I just.....

I just want to stay home and stay away from men for a while, you know? I KNOW not all men are like this - hell, I’ve been married for 30 years, I have brothers and sons - but right now, I’m done with them and their fucking mansplaining.

Ugh. What’s up, GT?