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I am the happiest geeklin'!

In an advance against my student loans, which turned out to be more this semester than ever before, The Maternal One helped me order a new laptop off NewEgg last week. And it just showed up today. And it's damn near an early b-day present, since my 37th drops Thursday.

Intell i5, 8 gigs memory, and a 1 gig video card makes my gaming side sooooooo very happy!

Toss in treating my mom to Zatsby's for dinner tonight with money sent to me by my mammaw, and the promise of ribs at TGIF on Thursday night. And I am gonna go ahead and jinx myself by saying...


The B-Day Window O' Doom may be over!


If I have, in fact, jinxed myself.. consolations can be sent to my mom for my inevitable death by falling meteorite.

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