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I am the world's worst cat mom :(

Cat in question:

About six months ago we had to switch her wet food due to difficulties finding her usual brand. She seemed to love her new food so I wasn’t that concerned about it. The new food appeared to be of comparable quality ingredients and she barfed a lot less so, good, right?


Well. At her annual check up yesterday, we found she’s lost a pound. That’s more than 15% of her body weight. I have noticed she was getting skinnier, which I chalked up to the month or so we were going through various foods she didn’t like trying to find a new one for her, and her breed is typically pretty skinny. But she has also been in the past several months uncharacteristicly demanding around her mealtimes. Since she’s a breathtakingly spoiled creature who pretty much always gets what she wants instantly, I thought this was just her latest demanding princess thing.

Nope. Turns out her new food has fewer calories per ounce than her last kind, which had a bunch of oil supplements in it and made it much more dense, and my poor baby has just been hungry all the time. She gets free fed kibble and table scraps constantly so it’s not like she had nothing else and it never crossed my mind to adjust the portions of wet food but the vet told us to double it!

We’re having some blood work done just to rule anything else out (she’s 8 years old and she’s never had health problems, *knock on wood* but I want to be safe), but she already seems back to her old self after a few bigger meals.

My poor baby. I feel literally sick over this. I cannot believe I didn’t put everything together and was just letting her be hungry for so long. How clueless and negligent could I be? I would never forgive myself if she got sick, and as it is I hate to think how anxious this must have made her.

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