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I am the worst! (re: tipping)

I got a hair cut today...and it's the first time I've ever walked out of a salon with absolutely no reservations about my new style. I mean, it's a shock because I've never had such a drastic cut, but I love it so much. I feel more confident.

It's also the first time I've ever completely trusted my stylist. He was great - he walked me through what he was doing, asked me clarifying questions about what I wanted, checked with me anytime he deviated from what we'd agreed on. We chatted about how we're both Team Dog (even though I also love cats), how we love to cook, etc. And I never once felt awkward. Basically, he was awesome.

Which is why I feel AWFUL that I forgot to tip him. Oh god. I just floated on a cloud of shock and awe right on out of the salon after I paid...and didn't realize until I was halfway home (and because I took the bus, I couldn't turn around and get there in time) that I hadn't tipped him! The man who gave me a great cut that could have been a disaster!


I called the salon in a panic right after my realization, and asked if they could charge my credit card (they couldn't, which I expected but I had to try).

So instead, I will be going back first thing Monday morning after I get off work and dropping off a tip. Would it be weird if I also included some Christmas cookies?

ETA: consensus is that cookies are the best and he will be getting a dozen of my rollout sugar cookies decorated like Christmas ornaments come Monday!

Thanks everyone!

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