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I am this close to angry-crying

My provincial government, despite the cries of jurists, of the Commission des droits de la personne (Human rights commission?), of 40% of the population, is going ahead with the harshest version of their racist bill. It means that all public employees will be forbidden from wearing any "ostentatious" religious sign, wich is not ethnocentric in the least because everyone knows religious christians wear real-sized crosses to work everyday. Those employees include me as a cegep teacher, God knows I'm agnostic- or he might not, but I have never been that tempted to pile on a kippa on a hijab with a huge cross in my neck. So every concession they thought of making : taking off the huge crucifix in parliament (separation of church and state, my ass), giving some cities or hospitals the right to not conform to this law (I cannot wait to see this applied at the Jewish general hospital because it is so logical to forbid people from wearing kippas there), applying this only to service workers who represent the governement with citizens, giving the right to people who are already working there and wearing their usual garb to keep wearing what they wear because they had not signed up for this, all those concessions that could have made this a little bit less racist and more palatable? Yeah, they're not doing none of that.

I want to cry.

Also, this was a huge problem, you don't know the number of judges we have that wear burqas! I believe it's at least, hmm, zero. And it made up for a whole 0.3% of complaints for work-related governement organisations : such an urgent social crisis. This has nothing to do with getting the xenophobic votes of course. And it was not done, at all, by shitting on muslims that did not get, at all, much more harrassed and assaulted and bullied than they usually are. No, that would mean the media would be simplistic enough to reduce the interreligious to Islam, and Islam to the veil, and who would do such a thing? No, the media was subtle, weighing intelligently on every aspect of this.


Plus, of course, this is a very feminist thing to do. And great for integration. Everyone knows that firing women from their job to send them to a "backward" home will help them get out of a situation where they're "forced" to wear the veil - because God forbid brown women have any agency - is ultimately the one thing that will emancipate them. You can hire a muslim man instead, because a beard can be ostentatious hipster, so it's ok. Work is the least efficient integration method anyway, all the sociologists will tell you that.

I know, this was not constructive or helpful or anything. I have discussed this so much with friends in real life and on social media. This is not something I talk about here : minority rights are dear to my heart but I cannot be the resident muslim voice when I'm an agnostic who likes Aïd and Christmas and has muslim roots, it wouldn't be fair to actual muslim people, like my aunts who are are bamfs and who happen to wear the hijab. One of the reasons I don't talk about this here is that I cannot emotionnally deal with "brown ladies all be oppressed" comments, so please refrain. Please. I don't know if I have it in me to not just dismiss comments that at least partially deny my fellow brown ladies' agency. I really think I don't.

ETA : This bill has not been made into a law yet, I'm sorry if I scared a few of you. It just is a much harder version of what people thought they would propose. It will now be discussed in parliament and, since this is a minority governement, it could very well be defeated, wich could mean the governement launching elections next year riding on this one (extremely important, as I said earlier) issue in order to get a majority in parliament, but let's take it one problem at a time.

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