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I am tired of myself.

The big talk with LM happened a week ago. You guys know the deal. He's going through too much to be with me, but he constantly has said he wants too, then he says he's friends with my ex now so he can't hurt him by dating me. It's okay that he can't. It's the leading me on and the ex part that hurts. I feel fine, then I see his name online and I want to cry.

Why does he care more about Ex than me? Why couldn't he just say couldn't be with me straight up? When we talked he said he could see us being great. Doesn't matter.

I just hate how much he hurt my feelings. I can't delete him because I want an apology. I want him to be sad he hurt me. I think he is.


I also hate what a silly wimp I am. I don't want to care. We were so close and now I don't even want to talk to him.

I feel like lately I just whine too much. I am getting better but I want to be done.

Ignore this if I'm annoying, I don't blame you.

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