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To really give this the breakdown and review that it deserves, but I thought this was an awesome article on women and romance novels, written as a rebuttal to some jerkface dude who sat around lamenting that women spend so much money on 30 shades of poop or whatever.


Here is a nice example of what a jerkface he is, because he thought it was cool and witty to say:

romance novels, like racists, tend to be the same wherever you turn


In any case, this lady does a great job at shutting him down, pointing out that:

Romance novels are attractive not just because they are a gratifying escape but also because they sometimes feel like a respite from from the significant hostility that a lot of literature shows women.


Which I thought was one of the most captivating ideas in her article and worth a lot more discussion. I don't know that I'd claim that romance novels are destroying the patriarchy or anything but they are at least a safe place for women, where women are always main characters and their happiness is always the main goal of the novel.

And her conclusion I thought was spot on - pointing out that yes, 50 shades of malarkey is a terribly written book, but that what we should learn from it's popularity isn't that women are derpy morons but simply that

there is a huge market out there, and even inferior products can succeed when they do not have a lot of competition.


Full disclosure: I love trashy romance novels. I just read this. IT WAS SO BAD yet stupidly entertaining, and I have no shame

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