Two things:

ONE- my gallbladder is OUTTA HERE! The surgeon spent like 5 minutes poking my belly, asking questions, and said, yep, let’s take it out. Surgery is Wednesday, laprasopically of course. So I am ready to get this stupid freeloader out my body.

TWO- my kiddo came home with the 3rd grade music program info for the semester, and she has a speaking part, and needs to have a costume. Because the theme of the program is space, and my kiddo has 2 lines as SALLY RIDE. I am so excited I can’t even. We are going to make the best fake NASA jumpsuit this school has ever seen. My husband and I both schooled her over dinner on the fact that SALLY RIDE is an AMERICAN HERO AND COOL AS SHIT and she was a BIG DEAL when we were her age.

I believe I am more excited about the Sally Ride thing, honestly. As I should be. The list did not say she had to do the hair, but hubs and I so want to get her a wig or style her hair to match the 80’s curly poof.