It's a really long story, but I hired a coworker to install a HVAC system in my home. The house was heated with an oil furnace and radiators when I moved in, but I immediately submitted an application to have a natural gas line run to my house. Construction on the heating system began as soon as the gas line was connected, at the end of September.

It is, for those of you without calendars, November 18th, and I still have no heat. Once the system is done, it needs to be inspected by the town so that the permit can be approved, then the gas company can come install a meter, then the plumber can come and turn everything on.

My inspection was supposed to be last week, with the meter installation happening on Friday. My coworker wasn't done in time. So I rescheduled for an inspection today, with the meter guy coming tomorrow. I just found out that he called the plumber this morning at 6AM to cancel the inspection again, because he still isn't done. He should be done tomorrow, but the inspector doesn't work on Wednesdays, so my inspection has been rescheduled for Thursday, and the meter installation for Friday.


It was 49 degrees in my bedroom the other day when I woke up. I live in Boston. It's November.

I paid an OBSCENE amount of money for this system, and I need it to be done. But because he's my coworker in a relatively small company, it's not like I can be aggressive like I would be with a contractor, because I have to work with him.

But he doesn't even seem sorry about the situation. I'm never, ever, ever hiring someone I work with again, I can tell you that much.


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