Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It is no secret that I am primarily Team Dog, though in all fairness I am Team Pretty Much All Animals Not Excluding Reptiles and Amphibians. However my friend Sherry has gone away for a few days and I have been tasked with feeding her 3 cats in the evening. These cats are very chill and they are OK with the Fusspot - I have yet to see them cuddle or anything like that, but there are no hostilities. Basically they just sniff each other in passing and then ignore each other.

One of the cats is ailing and needs to be pilled nightly - I pointed out that my own dog is so difficult to pill that even the vet clinic could not accomplish it, so I didn't think I was up to the task, but I said I'd try. So I am very proud to announce that I have successfully pilled said cat two nights in a row now, with no hard feelings. And tonight I voluntarily cleaned the butt of one of the other cats, who appeared to be in some discomfort and I felt genuinely sorry for her, so I thought I'd try to get rid of some of the stuff that was bothering her. And she let me (yes, you'd think most cats could clean their own butts, but this one is rather old and fat and can't seem to get to those hard-to-reach places). So I can add two new skills to my resume: cat-pilling and cat-butt-cleaning, though really I think it says that these are very mellow cats, not that I am unusually skilled in these areas.


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