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Welcome To The Bitchery

I feel like I did all the right things. I asked all the right questions. They outright lied.

We went in to switch over to AT&T Next, as our torturously long two year contract was up, and basically had a “free” tablet shoved into our hands.


I asked, “Really free? No Strings Attached free?”

“Yup, really free.”

“Seriously? Really, completely free? For real no strings attached?”


“So, my monthly bill will look the same whether or not I take the tablet?”


“It’s totally free and there’s no difference between if I get this or don’t?”

“Yeah, if you get another one it’ll be $10/mo to connect it, but this one is completely free.”


Does coming with a two-year contract (complete with $150 cancellation fee) and $10/mo on my bill sound No Strings Attached free to you?

It was nagging at me, man. It just didn’t feel right, so I went online and started cruising through my account and found all this nifty information. The nice online chat lady regrettably (like, for real, she seemed like she felt for me) informed me that I could return it within 14 days... with a $35 restocking fee. If I’d innocently waited until I received my first bill, you know, by believing that someone didn’t tell me a bold faced lie in response to a direct question, I’d be SOL. As it is, Mr. Misfit managed to get rid of the receipt, so that better not be a problem.


Free is never free. I knew that! I just didn’t think someone would outright lie in response to a direct question. I get that selectively omitting information is a part of sales, but I asked the questions! I covered literally all the bases in my questioning and she. just. lied. And now I’m going to have to pay a $35 restocking fee.

She also oversold us on data, but that was easily fixed online. They also didn’t send me an email to cash in on my student discount, but the nice chat lady also did that. 15% off, at least there’s that.


So. Don’t take the tablet.

When was the last time you got ripped off?

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