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I am way too sensitive about interactions with people online

Which leads me to apologizing multiple times to someone on tumblr when I really don't think I was out of line at all and they were unnecessarily passive aggressive towards me. Guys, please tell me if it's me or her.

Someone I follow sometimes liveblogs Big Finish Doctor Who audios, and I'd like to avoid spoilers for those. So we had this exchange:

Me: Hey, would you mind tagging your Big Finish liveblogging posts with "Big Finish spoilers" or something like that?


Her: I have a tag on them you can easily black list them. I tag them all as liveblogging big finish minuet from hell. its been the tag I’ve been using all night.

Her next post about the audio had these tags: #liveblogging big finish minuet in hell #see this tag at the [sic]button #that tag over there #it's a nice tag i've been tagging all posts with # see that tag it is easily there for your blacklisting needs

Then I sent this: Okay — I just don't always catch the warning when you start them so I sometimes get on tumblr when you're in the middle, but I'll just make sure to blacklist as soon as I see a post. I didn't mean to sound rude, I wasn't annoyed at you or anything, but I'm sorry if I did. :(

And she replied thusly: in general I [sic] alway tag my posts and usually I’m just sharing the funny bits anyway. I’ll try to be more careful.


I can't see it because she didn't reply, but I sent back something along the lines of: Okay, I'm sorry if I was obnoxious or out of line. I'm just kind of neurotic about these things.

She appears to be tagging her posts with "big finish spoilers" now, which I will promptly be blacklisting, but... her whole reaction just seems weird. And now I feel bad, and like I did something wrong in just asking for a general spoiler tag that covers all her posts about the audios so I don't have to blacklist a new tag every single time. THIS IS STUPID, I SHOULDN'T GET UPSET BY THINGS LIKE THIS, BUT I DO.


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