Students will say a lot in writing, to me, or around me when they think I’m not listening.

I came across this gem in response to a class discussion on social conflicts they care deeply about, and I almost screamed.

Our country is becoming more and more social, in the teams of giving people money. We are striving for free health care, and making sure everyone has an income. I believe that these social programs are degrading the work ethic of our citizens. The government is making it so that people don’t need to do anything to be successful. Why would anyone work if they didn’t need to? People in the United states have stopped working, and have let the government provide for them. This is unfair and unjust for the people that work hard to make that money. These programs will continue to raise taxes and in result more people will need that money. If that happens then we will not maintain the success that we have today.


JFC. The privilege just drips off of him. I’m surprised and frankly disappointed that none of his classmates ripped into him for this comment. This is a student who has been resistant to any feedback or suggestions from me that contradict his thinking—never in a rude or mean way, but in a “no, I’m right about this” kind of way.

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