Actually, I am getting ready to make pork and lentil soup but I just want to rave about the FOS recipe!! The onions take 3 hours to cook down but 2.5 hours of that is in a 400F oven (1 hour, stir - 1 hour, stir - .5 hours) remove and put on medium high burner and reduce, reduce,reduce until nearly black, add 1/4 cp water to deglaze then reduce again. Five medium to large onions reduced to a thin layer of wonderful sludge. It is the America's Test Kitchen recipe and it smells so good I almost want to eat it right now.

Right now the reduced onions are simmering in chicken stock and the pork necks are in the oven getting reduced - cooked off the bones, I hope

((interlude while GG snuggles))

Okay, the lentils are drained and added to the onion soup; the bones are starting to release the meat. I threw some carrots and celery into the soup - I will add the peas at the last. I was going to add some potatoes but I think I will cook up some brown rice instead. I don't think the soup will be ready tonight since it is already 10:30 - now I don't know what I want for dinner. Hmm, probably some pot stickers - what did you have for dinner?