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I applying for fellowships-a rant

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I am applying for a fellowship to get funding for next year and there are so many documents I have to get in just to apply. For example, a voter's registration card O_0 to prove my residency. I am a freaking resident you assholes and I don't have my card anymore because I just don't! I am hoping they take a pdf from the country clerk's website with the voter information instead. If not, I am sort of screwed. Can I get them to send me a new voters card to my home?

Then I have to get a generic letter from the department head to say they will support me if I get this award because the budget for the fellowship can fall through each year. But why do I need this? It is all lies because my department does not support their students financially! We find assistantships ourselves. So why? I don't need that letter at all.

I am stressed out with this and I need the money so bad and even if I get all of these documents in on time, I don't know if my letters of recommendation are good enough because even though these people know me, I have no idea if it will hold up to whatever the committee wants and I don't know my chances of getting it.


Applying to this is like applying to graduate school all over again and I hate this shit. I need the damn tuition waiver. I have 1 more year to apply for this thing if I don't get it. But at this rate, I am tired of applying to this shit and not remotely having the chance to not bust my ass for money to go to school.

And the worst part? It isn't more than 10,000 dollars. All of this for that! Take it away Jon:

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